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Mask Sheet for Cosmetics

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Specification of Mask Sheet

Product name Ingredient Basis weight Convexity Product features
Rose Floower Mask Sheet 30% Cupra+70% Tencel 40g BXT19C1617 - Plenty of minerals moisturizing a skin
- Effectively reduction in fine wrinkles and increase in skin tightening
- Excellent anioxidant effect of bioflavonoids with various sizes of molecules
Chrysanthemum Mask Sheet - Increased skin immunity by amino acid; excellent balance of oil & moisture; good application to sensitive skin
- Active antioxidation to release active oxygens and prevent skin aging
- A variety of vitamins to suppress the generation of melanic pigments and to protect skin against UV rays
Marigold Mask Sheet - Effective control of pores and alleviation of scars; improvement in sensitive skin
- Vitamins A & C to prevent pigementation and skin aging
Green Tea Mask Sheet - Protection of skin against UV rays; effective skin soothing and recovery
- Removal of harmful oxygens and prevention of skin aging

Fabric Features

Tencel It is the new cellulose fiber typed fabric which is produced in the way of melting quality wood pulp with a nontoxic organic solvent.
This eco-friendly fabric has 99% solvent recovery rate, causing no pollution in its production process.
It features excellent gloss, soft touch, excellent hygroscopicity, and strong durability.
Cupra It is the eco-friendly regenerated fabric extracted natural plant fibers, supporting bio degeneration.
It increases adhesion by absorbing moisture in the air fast.