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Synthetic Leather

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Manufacturing Technique

Wet & dry based coating process of
polyurethane resin on polyester, nylon,
Spandex, and natural & regenerated fabric


Outdoor materials for jacket,
overcoat, padding, pants,
leggings, etc.


Direct export or local supply to globally
famous brands

Product Features

  1. 1) RAMSKIN SERIES : RAMSKIN SERIES: Excellent air permeability, easy sweat discharge, good stretch & recovery, good for out-wear material
  2. 2) RAMKID SERIES : A sense of soft touch, voluminous looking, natural wrinkles, unique clothing fabric with natural-leather-like texture
  3. 3) DS SUEDE : Natural 2-tone effect by ultra-thin dry coating, microfiber with excellent air permeability

Product Types

Product Name Type Features
RAMSKIN LIGHT Wet type Soft touch feeling based on polyester interlock fabric
RAMSKIN W.EXSO Wet type Excellent voluminous looking and natural-leather-like touch feeling based on napping
RAMSKIN SF Wet type Proper voluminous looking, soft touch and drape feeling based on nylon tricot
RAMSKIN TD1 Wet type Softer thin-paper product based on fine denier nylon
RAMSKIN TD5(RC) Wet type Eco-friendly recycle nylon based product with the best lambskin softness
RAMSKIN CDP Wet type Luxurious two-tone color based on cartion dyeing
RAMSKIN ECOⅡ(RC) Wet type Soft and eco-friendly product based on fine denier recycle polyester fabric
THIN RAMKID Wet type Natural-leather-like soft and unique sense of touch based on nylon interlock fabric
RAMKID M2 Wet type Excellent heat-retaining and voluminous looking and waterproof
RAMKID ECO Wet type Excellent price competitiveness, good stretch, and soft voluminous looking
RAMKID ECOⅡ Wet type Soft touch and good stretch based on fine denier polyester fabric
RAMKID ECOⅡ(RC) Wet type Eco-friendly product based on fine denier recycle polyester
RAMKID 77SP Wet type Excellent stretch and soft touch based on the span-polyester nap
DS-SUEDE Dry type Ultrathin coating material based on microfiber polyester fabric, air permeability, 2-tone effect
DS-SUEDE RVS Dry type Two-side coating material of DS Suede, reversible effect
EXSO Dry type Good voluminous looking and stretch based on the back-side napping, excellent price competitiveness
PI 30D(SOLARI) Dry type Thin and light fabric and luxurious surface gloss(SOLARI)