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Change & Challenge

DK&D, growing to a global top-tier synthetic leather enterprise

DK&D Co., Ltd. took the first step as DongKwang Trade in 1998 and now grows to a global synthetic leather company supplying synthetic leather products in the world.

DK&D Co., Ltd. runs its research institute of technology that has the product manufacturing know-how and top experts. The company makes its most effort to become a leader in the synthetic leather market in line with fast changing customer needs and market circumstances.
Based on its excellent technologies, the company provides the consulting service related to manufacturing, and produces and sells synthetic leather, non-woven fabric, special materials, polyurethane resin, and other kinds of materials.

DK&D Co., Ltd. will do the best for customer reliability by developing products actively and continuously and achieving service innovation.

Choi Min-seok, CEO of DK&D