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Polyurethane a polymer composed of organic units (~NH-COO~) joined by carbamate links. It is produced made from the reaction between an isocyanate and a polyol.

Eco-friendly polyurethane resin

Under a green eco-friendly project, waste span is recycled and widely applied to synthetic leather making with resin that has better hydrolysis-resistance than polyurethane resin (eco-friendly material, largely reducing CO2 generated by polyurethane resin making to 30% or lower)


Various types (from soft to hard) of product with excellent hydrolysis-resistance, tensile strength, tear strength, and wear-resistance, fitting artificial leather items for shoes


Product with improved tackiness and wear-resistance of soft type, and softness of natural leather, maximizing a sense of wearing

Water-soluble polyurethane resin

Eco-friendly water-soluble polyurethane resin developed and applied to artificial leather processing